Our Story

Since the start of our first clinic at Reviting Skin and Laser Care in 2008, we have been able to establish a dominant position as far as the cosmetic clinic market is concerned. We are specialists when it comes to a range of health, body and skin care treatment some of which are ear reconstruction, abdominal fat removal, breast lump, permanent tattoo removal, face lift, breast cancer treatment, and much more.

This is a complete Aesthetic Clinic with services including both non-invasive and invasive treatment. Our Invasive treatments include the surgical care such as Orthopedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and so on. The non-invasive procedures are Botox injections, dermal filling for and wrinkles and fine lines.

We also carry out complete laser treatments for permanent hair reduction, skin tags, facial rejuvenation, and hair regrowth in alopecia. Our aim is to achieve a safe world-class procedure so as to arrive at a vibrant state of health for our client at an affordable price.

We have found a new niche, creating a large customer base and an exceptionally strong brand through the supply of accessible, reliable and affordable, cosmetic treatments. At the moment, we now have clinics in over 5 convenient locations all over Pittsburg.

Our Mission

At Reviting Skin and Laser Care, we are focused on assisting you so that you can improve your personal appearance. Combining new technology with a holistic approach to skin care and wellness enables you to be able to move closer to refining and developing the ageless, modern, beauty inside you. Wellness promotes sparkle, love, change, humility and kind-heartedness.

Our Values

Reviting Skin and Laser Care is an establishment that thrives on integrity and honesty. Our clients are the priority and we see enriched, personalized care to be the secret to your satisfaction and our success.

A New You!

Do you want to remove an old tattoo? People require a more conservative look as they are re-entering the corporate world. What possibly stands between you and your dream job could be the tattoo of our girlfriend’s name. At Reviting Skin and Laser Care, we can help you remove your unwanted facial hair in as little as four laser treatment sessions if you’re a woman whose job is in the public eye so that you can feel as confident as possible.

Laser skin treatments have turned out to be toast of future of beauty. Tattoo removal and hair removal are the most sought after treatments as a result of their long lasting results and effectiveness. People are surprised by the sudden changes they encounter thus giving them a boost in confidence. Get in touch with us for an appointment at Reviting Skin and Laser Care, our discounts for first-time customers are difficult to refuse.