Acne Reduction

We are of the belief that everyone deserves a luminous skin and this is why our skin treatments are created in a way to dramatically increase skin tone and texture, refining any visible imperfections thereby leaving you looking rejuvenated and radiant.

We are experts when it comes to the provision of skincare solutions for everything from vein removal and wrinkles, to the reduction of age spots, acne, and scarring. A treatment from one of our conveniently-located clinics starts with a well-detailed meeting with one of our experienced skin specialists, who will listen as well as assess your skin before settling on the best and the most reasonable treatment plan that will meet your needs.

Acne Reduction

Cleaner, confidence, clearer.

We know the difficulties encountered by clients who are susceptible to breakouts.

We provide chemical peels and laser acne therapy so as to help you to restore confidence to your skin.

As far as acne treatment is concerned we believe that the most effective and efficient course of action is to treat the cause.

Both laser acne therapy and cosmedical grade peels work hand in hand to decrease the bacterial build up and dead skin in addition to reducing oil production to aid the decrease in active acne so as to give you full control over your skin.

Cosmedical Grade Peels

Cosmedical grade peels assist you to regain full control over acne and have a range of benefits for various skin treatments. They work to kill bacteria, exfoliate the skin, and unclog the clogged pores that lead to acne. The process includes applying a chemical agent on the skin that goes into the outer layers and works to
show the healthier, brighter skin beneath.

Laser Acne Therapy

An FDA approved drugless treatment overseeing the cause of acne as well as the symptoms is known as Laser Acne Therapy.

We make use of the Candela Smoothbeam laser as it efficiently and gently takes care of skin that is acne prone without having to damage the surrounding tissue.

It works in a way that it directs rays of intense light into the sebaceous glands and reduces the ability of the skin to produce oil while killing the bacteria stuck in the closed pores.

Treatment Care

The post-treatment care for Acne therapy can be different dependent on the course prescribed by our skilled skin experts.

For our clients going through the laser acne therapy, it is vital for you to thoroughly follow our guidelines concerning sun exposure.

Aside Roaccutane, other prescription and over the counter medications and creams can continue during treatment care.

For you to determine the best Skinstitut cleanser that would expertly meet your skin needs so as to help keep the positive results from your treatment, make sure you find out from one of our well-trained therapists.

Acne Scar Reduction

Bring back the confidence in your skin!

You don’t have to let acne leave a permanent skin mark for you to deal with, which is why we provide series of treatments to assist you in considerably reducing the acne scar you have to contend with.

The main purpose behind Dermal rolling and Fractional RF is to revitalise and recover the supportive comments your skin contains so as to assist in its firming and plumping.

You can count on the affordability and effectiveness of our treatments for acne scar reduction.